Interested in a canna product you can enjoy without overwhelming negative effects? Our Delta-8 THC dabs are perfect for you!

What Is Delta 8?

Unlike THC wax, our concentrates contain Delta-8 which is commonly described as THC’s little brother, as our wax still provides the euphoric high which we all want, but without the psychoactive effects neutralizing possible negative effects which may occur that so many of us want to avoid such as anxiety, paranoia, and depression.

Unlike what mainstream media or cannabis culture wants you to believe, for a lot people marijuana does not provide the euphoria they desire, in fact it actually provides the exact opposite no matter how hard they try to look for the right strains or try to fix their mindset before the experience.

Unfortunately THC just isn’t for everyone, so we decided to provide an option which is less mentally complicating, more legal, and just as enjoyable!

Effects of Delta 8

Our dabs provide a premium experience that everyone can enjoy. Delta 8 wax gives off euphoric highs with a very calming undertone, but not as debilitating like THC wax perfect for day time consumption.

Though  is not as strong as THC, our Delta 8 concentrates come in at whopping 96% providing a strong euphoric punch which any consumer will enjoy, even heavy consumers of THC enjoy using our Delta 8 dabs as it provides a calming euphoric twist to all ganga strains and combinations of cannabinoids.

How Do You Use Delta 8?

There are many ways to use Delta 8 wax from glass pieces like dab straws, nectars, and rigs. There are also various electrical devices which can be used as well. You can purchase these pieces online or in your nearest smoke shop. Most glass pieces are fairly cheap from $5-15, rigs will cost anywhere from $20-80 depending on the brand, size, design, and function; but any sized rig will do.

If you lack the capital for a rig but own a bong, consider purchasing a neat piece called a banger. You can use it to smoke concentrates, available for only $5-10 at your local smoke shop or online stores.

Note that is is essential to purchase a blow torch and pick, as a lighter is not efficient for heating up the pieces and a pick is very useful for picking up or spreading wax; A torch goes for $20-40 and a pick goes for $1-2. If you want to skip all the mess or equipment and have some disposable income, various electrical devices can be purchased such as electrical dab rigs, vaporizers, and electrical dab straws.

There is an insane amount of ways Delta 8 wax can be dabbed.

Even if you do not own any of those tools, the wax can simply be spread on to flower which is then smoked smoked through various blunts, pipes, joints, and bong bowls making for a seriously heavy rip.

Delta 8 and Dabbing In General

Dabs are perfect for feeling a stronger delta 8 high and effects in a more efficient way.

Dabs of any cannabinoid in general are the perfect way to step up your game as the concentrates are so strong that only 1-2 hits are necessary to get the party started.

For a beginner just half a hit will do, trust me you’ll have to believe me for this product. For a heavier user of¬† flower, dabs are much more efficient and investing in a hand held vaporizer makes dabs conveniently perfect for day time use wherever you go! If you are interest in purchasing dabs (which are now available for wholesale) click below!






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