Green Crack Delta 8 Lemonade When you think of holidays and summertime and refreshing drinks, you think of Lemonade. It is one of those popular products that everybody loves and loves to share. 

For those well-versed with THC drinks, lemonade is the perfect product to consume with THC syrups or Delta 8 infusions, as it complements the effects and enhances the pleasurable appeal.  Just relaxing in the sunshine or enjoying the breeze with a glass of Green Crack Lemonade with all the benefits of medicinal cannabis, sounds like heaven.  

Why choose Green Crack Delta 8 THC Lemonade?

For most drinkers, a glass of Green Crack lemonade sipped every day provides a healthy wellness routine, as well as gives them the hemp dose they need. And you can drink more than one glass because green crack lemonade is all about THC drinks and green leafy extracts that will give your wellness routine a good uplift.

Hence, the Green Crack infused lemonade is an excellent source of hemp with a tasty twist. 

Also, being a Delta 8 infused drink, Green Crack Lemonade, along with all our other products, has a more subtle effect on the user as compared to Delta 9 infused products. You can enjoy the effects without having to go through the intoxicating experience or head-banging that delta 9 edibles may incur.  

How it works

Drinking a glass of Green Crack THC Drink, makes the hemp component readily absorb into your body, creating a faster and stronger effect compared to an edible source of hemp where the component is fat-soluble and not water-soluble. The difference can be felt in the effects where you can feel the high quickly and for several hours after. 

The product gives you the leverage to improve your performance while reaping the medicinal benefits of Delta 8. It also provides you with the enjoyable pleasure of the psychoactive experience. Unlike D9, which slows you down, it is an optimal combination of performance and pleasure, allowing you to perform everyday tasks with a better focus.

What is in Green Crack delta 8?

The Green Crack THC Drink, is basically a regular Lemonade, made from organic lemons, sweeteners, purified water, and added with green fruit juices as well as THC syrup. 

Adhering to our strict quality standards we only use the top quality source materials, fruits, and extracts.  This is to ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids to the fullest while treating their taste buds to a healthy tasty fruit drink.

Refresh your senses with Green Crack THC Lemonade 

It is mind-blowing, refreshing, scrumptious, and absolutely gratifying to consume. 

So, the next time you think about something ordinary, try tasting something extraordinary and improve your wellness.

You know where to find us.

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Ingredients: Purified water, organic lemons, plant extracts, cane sugar, and hemp extract.

Pricing: Please note that the price mentioned is the price per case. Each case contains 36 bottles of 500 mg Green Crack Lemonade.

Disclaimer: Delta 8 Lemonade USA will not be held liable if Delta 8 lemonade is declared illegal in the state or area users are ordering from. Users will assume full responsibility for purchasing these products and are expected to be aware of their state laws. Therefore, buying these products, implies that you understand the status of Delta 8 products in your jurisdiction and have already reached 21 years of age.

Price is per case, 36 Bottles per case


Single, Case of 36

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