About Our Delta 8 Pre Rolls

Most of our Delta 8 flower comes from a widely trusted farm in Colorado grown without harmful pesticides or synthetic nutrients with care. The Delta 8 flower we don’t buy is grown by ourselves with organic soil, real sunlight, and real water as nature intended. After we receive or harvest the plants we grind the buds into fine shake that we then use to pack into the cones by hand. The cones are packed as much as we can to without affecting the air flow quality of our product.

Effects Of Our Delta 8 Pre Rolls

Our Delta 8 Pre rolls give the user a highly relaxing euphoria with a more intense relaxation than THC almost as if one’s brain was floating away in a puffy white euphoric cloud.  Our pre rolls are guaranteed to meet your needs at a whopping 30% Delta 8 THC. Our joints come in cookies and plain. The plain joints taste like the usual skunky hemp that we all enjoy, but our prized Cookies strain tastes exactly like cookies like if the munchies have already started. Expect to feel a little tired and hungry after the effects are over; don’t be afraid to bust out more munchies and take a long nap or if your feeling extra hungry smoke another one!

Delta 8 Pre Roll Medicinal Effects

Medicinally Delta 8 is widely used to ease pain which is perfect for hard working people we deal with back or knee pain on a regular bases. Delta 8 also helps to reduce anxiety, for those have have bad anxiety and marijuana just triggers it this product is perfect for you, as these Delta 8 isn’t as psychoactive or physically debilitating as THC; because of that these pre rolls are perfect for smoking throughout the day to reduce any anxiety which may occur.



Cookies, Plain


10Pack, 200 Pack

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